Sunday, May 18, 2014


All right, first post.  Got the photo thing down.  Need help with the coding for music.  Would have this playing in the background right now.

Life.  It's totally flying by right now.  Days feel like hours, Weeks feel like days, Months feel like weeks.  Work consumes about a third of it.  Family the other two thirds. It's a tough balance.  It reminds me of being at the break at Ehukai Beach Park, HI.  It can be totally mellow and rideable one moment and the very next you're swimming just to survive.

Looking very forward to spend some r&r with some friends tomorrow.. it's something I need to do more often and more regularly.  It is definitely hard to squeeze in some alone time.  However, when I do make the time or have the time, I find it hard to unwind and really enjoy.  My mind's full of thoughts of the kids, husband, family, chores and work.  This is difficult for me to balance out at times.  Always trying to fit everything in short amounts of time.  Then guilt sets in also.  Iz found out I was off tomorrow and was look forward to spending some time with me.  Usually I am off on Sundays and Mondays.  Sundays I usually reserve for qt with the kids.  I'll take them to the Discovery Science Center or local museums or watch a movie, etc.  I had to break it to her that I wouldn't be home.  Later, when I put her to bed, she told me that she wished I wasn't going out and that I'm always out.  Kinda heartbreaking.  Earlier, I was playing catch with Al and I misjudged where the ball would land into my mitt and it hit my forearm, hard.  The last thing I need now is to be injured.  Despite my minor set back, I was able to toss the ball for a few more minutes (in Al's time) but in actuality it was more like thirty.

Relatives just recently arrived from the PI.  Squeezed in some qt there, too.

Got home late, around 11:30pm.  Iz crashed once in bed.  Al needed a story and a half.  I needed to just to finish this post.  So glad B is home:)  A little earlier than expected.  So happy he's home safe after a long days work.  Very lucky to have him in my life.  He's my calm between the waves.  My Lifesaver
We balance our work schedules to be with the kids.  For the most part, our work and home schedules are opposite to have one of us with the kids during the week and on weekends.  Our schedules will be in sync one day:)

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